What every Educator should know about Child Maltreatment

It’s hard to know what goes on when children are not in your care, or under your watchful eye. Here are a few key things to look for if you even suspect there may be abuse or neglect occurring in this child’s life. Remember, if you suspect, you must report, not only is it the law, it is the right thing to do. You could be saving a child’s life. Recognize the signs, it’s the first line of defense in a child’s life. It’s better to be wrong, than be right and you didn’t report it. Do learn the...

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Welcome to CAC CareNet

We intend for our Blog to be informative and worth your time to read. It will include a wide variety of topics, all linked to child abuse, trafficking, Advocates, DV/SA, CPS/DHS, LE and MDT information.  Best practices, In the News, etc. If you have a story you’d like to contribute, please send to;   We’d love to take a look and post, it if it fits the criteria. Be sure to include the source if it is not your work, your name, email and phone number.  Our goal at OMS...

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